My first exhibition as curator at House of Hedone!

SUSPENDED IN SPACE Exhibition dates: Opening night Wednesday 8th February –
6th March
The in between of everybodies, somewhere. An unknown dimension where there is everything and nothing – all at once.

4 Artists come together to share with you their spaces in between, their Suspension in Space

Elke Finkenauer My work is an exploration of the in-between space. The middle-ground, where things both merge and are nothing, holds a fascination for me – the part of the journey
between beginning and end; the spaces between thought and emotion; experience and dreams; imagination and reality. These works are a celebration of this space.

Ilya Volykhine has been a practicing artist since 1990. He emigrated from Russia to the United States in 1991. He generally uses a combination of oils and paper (copies of personal letters from his mother in Cyrillic) on panel, canvas or paper. His works are highly personal, many based on childhood memories, with intensely subjective and sometimes erotic imagery and gesturing, ambivalent figures, often depicted in rich colours leaving a lasting impression. The eclecticism and symbolism in his work is evidence of an itinerant life spent between St. Petersburg, New York, Sydney, Maui and most recently Auckland.

Huan Liu (Queenio) The acting of creating and imagining is quite important in my life. Fairy Tale, Fashion Show, Science, the Universe… …anything can inspire me. Normally, I sketch out the idea of possible performance elements, or just randomly draw on any paper. Sometimes I scan the lines and continue to paint on computer, sometimes I originally draw in pencil and watercolour. I like both traditional and multimedia art. The process of composition feels like a private talk, it persuades me visually analyse things and life more.

Natalie Tozer Tozer’s works speak of our tenuous existence and evolution. Organic and spiritual matter is explored by a repetitive process of wash and removal, layers glazing and staining to
build familiar forms. By flooding the surface and allowing the colours to bleed and seep into each other we see distinctly organic forms emerging. The floating shapes and unfocused edges of the remaining residue, the stain, further imply journey and transformation.


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