The Gowanus Ballroom – An Alternative Art Space in Brooklyn New York


The Gowanus Ballroom – An Alternative Art Space in Brooklyn New York

TO THE STARS ON THE WINGS OF AN EEL offers a chance to explore the urban unconscious of the Gowanus, to reimagine the past, decipher the present, and envision possible futures. Artists working in the neighborhood––some long-time fixtures, others recent arrivals––are breathing new life into a once stagnant and decaying quarter.

Join us as we transform the Gowanus Ballroom, itself a former steel mill dating to the nineteenth century, re-mapping psychogeographies and investigating mysteries of the canal and surrounding areas. By exploring real and imagined tales of the past, we pursue today’s dreams and become the myth-makers of tomorrow.

Kiki Smith
Tom Otterness
Duke Riley
Miru Kim
Dustin Yellin
Ray Smith
The Bruce High Quality Foundation
Office of Recuperative Strategies (Elliott Malby, Elizabeth Zuba, Rachel Levitsky)
Eric Fertman
Jeanne Liotta
Ron Gorchov
Leonidas Chalepas
Gerri Davis
Jonah Emerson-Bell & Rainger Pinney
Serban Ionescu
Vahakn Arslanian
Integrated Visions Productions
Cecelia Rembert
Brooke Grant
Josh Young
Danielle Willems & Ezio Blasetti
Curtis Hamilton
Ethan Spigland
Adriana Atema
Jeff Wasson
Francisca Benitez
Colin Kilian
Simonetta Moro
Max Miller
Lou Wright
Robyn Hasty
Matthew Pisacano
J McDonald
Carlos Little
Kim Reinhardt
Anthony Titus
Andrew Beccone
The Reanimation Library
Sayler / Morris with Evan Paschke
Narek Gevorgian
Matthew William Robinson
David Sena
George Sferra
Luke Schumacher
Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels
The Objectionists

FRIDAY, JUNE 29th – Opening
7pm–1am, $10 after 9pm


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